Klon AirDrop Dari Google Nearby Share Kini Boleh Diuji Melalui Google Chrome Pada Komputer Windows

Klon AirDrop Dari Google Nearby Share Kini Boleh Diuji Melalui Google Chrome Pada Komputer Windows

Sat, 01 Aug 2020 | By ohsemput | 21 Hits

AirDrop adalah kaedah pemindahan fail yang pantas dan efisien Sudah bertahun ia wujud untuk pengguna produk Apple dan pengguna Android atau Windows perlu bergantung dengan aplikasiperisian seperti ShareIt yang penuh dengan iklan dan amat mencurigakan A >>READ MORE

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Hes here you guys No we dont mean thatKailyn Lowrys fourth son is here as in hes entered the world We already reported on that exciting piece of news a couple days ago Instead in this case what we mean is that hes literally HERE The longtime Teen Mom 2 cast member has unveiled the very first photo of her stillunnamed newborn Is it the clearest image in the histo...

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In America podcasting has rapidly become a popular medium for both consumers and advertisers According to Edison Researchs annual Infinite Dial study monthly podcast listening among Americans has grown 23 from 26 in 2018 to 32 in 2019 Podcast ad revenues are also soaring According to the IAB podcast advertising grew 53 in 2018As a major thought leader on podcast listening behavior ...

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort reportedly tried to share polling data from the 2016 presidential campaign with a pair of Ukrainian oligarchs who owed him 24 millionCNN reported Wednesday evening that Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov were the intended viewers of the data Manafort showed to Konstantin Kilimnik who has alleged ties to Russian military intelligenceThe revelation...

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Digital listening share has increased by 11 to a new record of 585 up from 526 in Q4 2018 in the latest figures for Q4 2019 Radio Today reportsThey were boosted by the launch of new national commercial digital stations and the growth of listening online via smart speakers in home and DAB listening in carOverall digital listening grew by 434 million hours or 8 year on year Listening vi...

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Who wouldnt want a cushion with Nicolas Cages face on it...

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In 2014 18 of all audio consumption came from music that people owned whether it be their CDs owned digital files vinyl cassettes or any other formatnbsp At the end of 2018 this share has fallen to 12nbsp The loss of six shares of listening constitutes the biggest change up or down documented byShare of Ear to dateIn 2014 Edison Research began the Share of Ear survey the fir...

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Twitter just showed its biggest quarterly user growth ever fanning a rally in its stock price CNBC reports the stock soared 15 Thursday bringing its market cap to 298 billionThe social media company on Thursday reported fourthquarter earnings that beat revenue and active user expectations but fell short on profitHere are the key numbers Twitter reportedEarnings per share 25 cents per sh...

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Outbound marketing as we know it is dead It used to be that a majority of a local companys marketing budget went to yellow pages newspaper and radio advertisementsIn order for you to get any business you had to put your offers and advertisements in your prospects face Well not anymore The age of the Internet has made it so that consumers are now in control It has never been easier for c...

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Six Florida news outlets are partnering to create the Florida Climate Reporting Network to increase climate reporting across the state the Miami Herald announced MondayThis is an opportunity to maximize our ability to cover the biggest story of our lives the threat of climate change Julie Anderson editor and chief of the South Florida Sun Sentinel and Orlando Sentinel said in a Tuesday st...

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Google on Wednesday announced it will no longer allow advertisers to microtarget their political messaging though the tech giant will still allow some misinformation in political ads amid rising scrutiny how online platforms mediate political discourse reports The HillIn a new blog post Google said it is tweaking its political ad policies in response to recent concerns and debates about poli...

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