OJK Akui Banyak Investor Asing Lirik Perbankan Indonesia

OJK Akui Banyak Investor Asing Lirik Perbankan Indonesia

Thu, 30 Jul 2020 | By merdeka | 3 Hits

Kepala Eksekutif Pengawasan Perbankan Otoritas Jasa Keuangan OJK Heru Kristiyana mengatakan banyak investor asing berminat menanamkan modal di perbankan Indonesia Namun OJK akan selektif dalam menentukan investor yang berhak mengakuisisi atau melakukan merger dengan bankbank di Indonesia >>READ MORE

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According to a new Local Watch Report from Nielsen there were 16 million homes it classifies as getting its TV over the air rather than from a traditional cable satellite or telco payTV provider Thats up 48 over the past eight yearsBut Nielsen says whats going on in those overtheair homes is changing Nielsen breaks down those home into those with no subscription VOD services or No VO...

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According to an Angus Reid Institute poll conducted between March 13 and 15 just more than half 55 of adults in Canada had a fair or great deal of trust in the news media for outbreak information However trust is up slightly from the same survey conducted a week before March 5 and 6 when it was 45Older respondents showed more trust than younger groups Almost twothirds of Canadians a...

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Activist investor Elliott Management Corp disclosed a 32 billion stake in ATampT Inc criticized the companys strategy and called on the telecommunications giant to shed unnecessary assetsThe Wall Street Journal reports the New York hedge fund wrote in a letter to the company released Monday that it would seek seats on the companys board and challenged ATampT to sharpen its focus on its...

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The smell drives some people off durians while others describe it as sweet fluffy and delicious...

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Gold prices have climbed as investors uncertain about global growth outlook hedge their portfolios The Wall Street Journal reportedGold prices have surged 14 since late August when the Nasdaq Composite Index last hit a fresh record and stand at their highest level since last April the Journal reportedGoldfocused exchangetradedfunds notched nearly 72 tons of inflows last month exceeding ...

Senarai Hotel Wajib Dikunjungi Cuti Sekolah
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