Black Voices For Trump Co-chair, Herman Cain, Dies From Coronavirus

Black Voices for Trump co-chair, Herman Cain, dies from coronavirus

Sat, 01 Aug 2020 | By aframnews | 13 Hits

WASHINGTON8212 Herman Cain former Republican presidential candidate and cochair of 8216Black Voices for Trump8217 has died at age 74 due to complications from COVID19 Cain8217s death is a grim reminder that African Americans regardless of social or financial status are dying at a disproportionately higher rate than other races Cain8217s official Twitter account released news Thursday morning of the former Godfather8217s Pizza CEO8217s death 8220You8217re never ready for the kind of news we are grappling with this >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Sunday decried former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabes comments that Justice Department officials raised a plan to potentially remove President Trump from office as a silent coup and suggested those involved should be imprisoned reports The HillWere losing sight of what happened People unelected simply cause they dont like a guys hairstyle o...

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Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan in numerous recent interviews on a book promotion tour has warned he sees a wide variety of threats tonbspPresident Donald Trumps robust economyCrises gets generated after a period of time when you disregard something Greenspan told BarronsMost recently weve disregarded the federal budget We are going to have a 1 trillion defic...

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The cold open for this weeks Saturday Night Live saw the Trump administration taking some liberties with a Queen classic Alec Baldwin returned as President Donald Trump letting America know that he is going to be taking it easy now that summer is nearly here He then said he was going to do all of things he never has time for anymore golf visiting friends in prison and enjoying all the ne...

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JPMorgan has created a Volfefe index to analyze how President Donald Trumps tweets are influencing volatility in US interest rates CNBC reported on SundayNamed after the presidents mysterious covfefe tweet the index explains a measurable fraction of the moves in implied rate volatility for 2year and 5year TreasurysSpecifically 146 out of some 4000 nonretweets the president made du...

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Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy DanielsA US judge on Monday dismissed adult film actress Stormy Danielss defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump and ordered her to pay his attorneys fees saying a tweet the president had written referring to her was protected by freespeech lawsDaniels lawyer Michael Avenatti said they would appeal the decision according to ReutersDaniels who...

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Health authorities in Iraq recorded 63 additional fatalities due to the novel coronavirus on Sunday reports Anadolu Agency As many as2447 infections were also registered in the past 24 hours bringing the total count to 129151 cases 4868 deaths and 91886 recoveries Due to the Eid alAdha holiday the Middle Eastern country imposed a total curfew from July 30 until August 9 Health center...

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Cumulus MediaToledo is switching up four of its morning showsStarting Dec 17The WRQN 935 FM drivetime duo Cliff and Lyn will join Gary Shores from 59 am on WKKO999 FM K100Denny Schaffer and his WQQO 1055 FM morning team relocating down the dial to WRQNEric Chase who handles evenings on WQQO will be replacing Schaffer Chase had his own morning show on iHeartMedias WVKSFM 925 ...

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Retired Army Lt Col Ralph Peters trashed President Donald Trump during a TV appearance Tuesday night calling him a draft dodger physical coward and disgracefulPeters was on CNNs Anderson Cooper 360 and was asked about Trumps most recent disparaging remarks about the late Sen John McCain who died last August after a battle with brain cancer The comments have resulted in a firesto...

no image7 out of 10 people arrested at CPS schools are Black, and most are younger than 18
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More than 73 of people arrested at Chicago Public Schools last year were Black though Black students account for only 36 of the student population according to data released Friday by CPS...

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in a defiant interview with ABC News that aired Tuesday said the US government is fabricating a crisis to start a war in South America and Maduro does not trust the people that are around President Donald TrumpEverything that the United States government has done has been doomed to failure Maduro told ABC News Tom Llamas They are trying to fabricate...

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