Rise In Covid-19 Statewide Leading To Alarming Surge In Nursing Home Cases And Deaths, Health Officials Say

Rise In Covid-19 Statewide Leading To Alarming Surge In Nursing Home Cases And Deaths, Health Officials Say

Sat, 21 Nov 2020 | By chicagotribune | 4 Hits

An increase in reports of COVID19 across Illinois is leading to an alarming new surge in cases and deaths among its most vulnerable victims in nursing homes health officials say >>READ MORE

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Across the country people will gather or ideally not for a dinner of lean meat plentiful vegetables and moderate amounts of sweets In a testament to our ability to manufacture guilt out of nothing we then wonder if this dinnerthis whole holidayis healthy Read more...

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Two people were hospitalized after a fire Monday afternoon in Old Town according to the Chicago Fire Department and Chicago Police Department...

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Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus in the Chicago area and the rest of Illinois...

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Nearly 700 nursing home workers went on strike Monday at 11 facilities in Illinois seeking higher pay and greater protections from the COVID pandemic...

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The renewed nationwide surge of COVID19 has hit Cook County lockups with force this fall causing officials to reevaluate the safeguards put in place earlier this year to blunt the spread of the deadly infection behind bars...

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