Jill Duggar: I Don't Care What Jim Bob Says! I'm Gonna Keep Drinking!

Jill Duggar: I Don't Care What Jim Bob Says! I'm Gonna Keep Drinking!

Thu, 17 Sep 2020 | By thehollywoodgossip | 6 Hits

Last week Jill Duggar drank a pia colada during a date with her husband Derick Dillard She didnt punch a waiter or get a DUI and as far as we know she called it a night after just one cocktail But Jills Instagram followers were shocked by her boozy indulgence nonetheless The reason for their reaction is that the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in Jills family So Jills decision to not only imbibe but to post the evidence of her night out on Instagram constituted a shocking act of rebellion against her famously >>READ MORE

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They only just announced theyre courting Neither is yet old enough to legally purchase alcohol And yet everyone is now dying to know when Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey will get engaged The 17year old son of Jim Bob and Michelle announced just a few days ago that hes in a relationship with the 19year old Spivey a Texas native he met in the spring of 2019 Justin has alre...

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As soon as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar39s offspring entered adulthood and began starting families of their own fans started speculating about which one of them would carry on the family tradition by popping out way way too many kids Josh got off to an early lead but half a dozen sex scandals later everyone39s hoping that he39ll stop impregnating his longsuffering wife From...

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Fans have been following JoyAnna Duggars pregnancy for several months now and like any dutiful Duggar daughter shes delighted in offering regular updates to her Instagram followers Until recently that is The frequency of Joys posts has dropped off considerably in recent weeks contexthttpschemaorgtypeVideoObjectidhttpswwwthehollywoodgossip...

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Earlier this week we reported on the rumor that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are miserable in their marriage For reasons that arent entirely clear fans have become convinced that Josiah was forced by his father to marry Lauren and has been deeply unhappy ever since The theory has its roots in Josiahs unsuccessful courtship with Marjorie Jackson Some feel that Jim Bob forced ...

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Jill Duggar is not her husband Unlike Derick Dillard she is not gonna openly and publicly throw her parents under a speeding bus But while weve seen and heard Dillard trash his fatherinlaw every chance he gets of late weve also seen examples here and there of Jill being on her husbands side Heck shes out in the world peddling revealing swimsuits Jill is also thinking of ...

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Anna Duggar is not a very confrontational person and she tends to avoid drama whenever possible We think shes made that abundantly clear by not divorcing Josh Duggar despite his many many indiscretions But everyone has their breaking point and it seems Anna reached hers earlier this week And she dealt with the situation in classic Duggar fashion Anna has been known to clap...

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The ladies of the Duggar family are known for subservience and commitment to their parents39 strict set of moral guidelines But they39re also young famous women Women branching out on their own in a world where female independence is valued much more than it was in the day And the daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle seem to take pleasure in expressing their newfound freedom through...

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Theres gonna be looting going on Long night of unrest follows Englewood shooting...

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Amy Duggar recently admitted two things ONE she isnt very close to her more famous family members TWO she doesnt think this is a very big deal and she isnt bitter toward anyone Based on Tweet by Amy from first point above late last week the first point above is clearly true But the second Well we have some doubts In a somewhat vague albeit quite intriguing message on...

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Joseph and Kendra Duggar announced a miraculous surprise this week The couple is expecting a baby Just nine months after welcoming their last baby The steady twosome confirmed this development via the photo below and a caption alongside of it that reads as follows We are so excited to announce that we have a tiebreaker coming in February Baby 3 is on the way We are so exci...

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