Ellen Pompeo, Fellow Grey's Anatomy Stars Educate Fans In Roe V Wade Psa: Knowledge Is Power

2022-05-20 | By thehollywoodgossip | 10 Hits

The rollback of human rights for millions of Americans may be only weeks away Earlier this month alarm bells went off when a leaked draft from the United States Supreme Court revealed an upcoming decision to overturn the landmark case Roe v Wade Tens of millions of Americans are in states where strict laws will go into effect immediately when such a ruling is handed down Everyone is doing whatever they can to help in some cases that just means arming people with what could be lifesaving information Shonda Rhimes has shared a >>READ MORE

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no imageWimbledon tennis returns along with IBMs AI-powered app
Mon, 27 Jun 2022 01:31 | Hits : 13 | US

The prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament is back and fans can keep up to date with all the action via IBMs AIpowered mobile app and website...

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