Iran Says UN Arms Embargo On Tehran Has Been Lifted

Iran says UN arms embargo on Tehran has been lifted

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a tweet that the international community had protected the nuclear deal Reuters picTEHRAN Oct 18 Iran said a longstanding UN embargo on arms sales to and from the Islamic republic expired today in line with a 2015 landmark nuclear deal with world powers from which Washington has withdrawnTehran which could now purchase weapons from Russia China and elsewhere has hailed the development as a diplomatic victory over its arch enemy the United States which had tried to maintain an indefi >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageUN arms embargo ends against Iran
Mon, 19 Oct 2020 03:01 | Hits : 14 | US

An arms embargo imposed since 2007 by the UN Security Council UNSC ended Sunday according to Irans foreign ministryAnadolu Agencyreports All restrictions on the transfer of arms related activities and financial services to and from Iran and all prohibitions regarding the entry into or transit through territories of the UN member states previously imposed on a number of Iranian citizens a...

no imageIran can resume arms trade as embargo ends
Thu, 15 Oct 2020 21:01 | Hits : 28 | US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced yesterday that Iran will be able to resume its arms trade from this Sunday following the failure of the US to extend the UN arms embargo Speaking during a cabinet meeting Rouhani congratulated the Iranian nation as the oppressive 10year arms ban nears its end As of Sunday well be able to sell our weapons to whoever we like and buy arms from anyb...

no imageSchools, mosques closed in Tehran as coronavirus infections rise
Sun, 04 Oct 2020 21:01 | Hits : 13 | US

Schools libraries mosques and other public institutions in Tehran were closed for a week on Saturday as part of measures to stem a rapid rise in COVID19 cases Reuters reported citing authorities in the Iranian capital as saying The closure plan which will also affect universities seminaries libraries museums theatres gyms cafes and hair salons in the Iranian capital came after Alireza...

no imageIran military official: Tehran provides Yemen with defence know-how
Thu, 24 Sep 2020 03:00 | Hits : 11 | US

Iranian military spokesman Abolfazi Shekarchi said that his country has transferred its expertise in defence technology to Yemen so that the Yemeni people can make missiles and drones by themselves We do not send missiles to Yemen but they can now make them themselves to fire them on their enemies heads Shekarchi said during a televised programme He added that his country supports Yemen and ...

no imageEU sanctions Turkish company accused of breaking Libya embargo
Tue, 22 Sep 2020 03:01 | Hits : 35 | US

The European Union imposed sanctions on Monday on a Turkish shipping company accused of breaking a UN arms embargo on Libya and whose vessel was involved in a naval incident between NATO members France and Turkey in June The asset freeze of Avrasya Shipping which the EU said operates the Cirkin cargo ship accused of smuggling weapons to Libya is likely to anger Ankara which denies arms traffic...

no imageEU bloc urges Saudi arms embargo
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:01 | Hits : 23 | US

EU bloc urges Saudi arms embargo READ Fear of war crimes probe against US as arms sales continue to Saudi UAE...

no imageEU sea patrol stops UAE ship on suspicion of breaking Libya arms embargo
Fri, 11 Sep 2020 06:01 | Hits : 15 | US

A European Union naval vessel on Thursday stopped a ship that was carrying jet fuel from the United Arab Emirates to Libya on suspicion it was violating a United Nations arms embargo EU officials saidReutersreports The EU military mission named Irini is operating in the Mediterranean to stop arms from reach warring factions in Libya The mission said in a statement that a German frigate su...

no imageTurkey slams US lifting arms embargo on Greek Cypriots
Wed, 02 Sep 2020 21:00 | Hits : 24 | US

Turkey criticisedthe US decision to lift a 33year arms embargo on Cyprus saying Ankara will take the necessary reciprocal steps unless Washington reconsiders its decisionAnadolu Agencyreports According to the report the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in astatementthat the decisionwouldadversely affect efforts to resolve the Cyprus issueand that Ankara expects its NATOally to reviewi...

no imageIran: Rouhani thanks countries that opposed US resolution to extend arms embargo
Thu, 20 Aug 2020 18:01 | Hits : 11 | US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has thanked the countries that abstained or voted against a draft resolution prepared by the United States to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran due to expire in OctoberIRNAnews agency reported The agency said Rouhani expressed during a cabinet meeting yesterday his gratitude to the 11 countries that abstained from voting on the US draft resolution in partic...

no imageAssault rifles and armored trucks: Illinois police agencies have obtained $4.7 million in military g
Wed, 19 Aug 2020 18:01 | Hits : 16 | US

Assault rifles armored vehicles Surplus military gear flows to Illinois law enforcement agencies...

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