Harga Konsol Sony PS5 Diumumkan $399 Untuk Edisi Digital, $499 Dengan Cakera

Harga Konsol Sony PS5 Diumumkan  $399 Untuk Edisi Digital, $499 Dengan Cakera

Thu, 17 Sep 2020 | By ohsemput | 8 Hits

Hari ini Sony telah mengumumkan harga jualan konsol PlayStation 5 mereka ketika acara PlayStation 5 Showcase Dijual dalam 2 varian varian Digital Edition akan dijual pada harga 399 manakala varian dengan cakera pula pada harga 499 Keduadua varian k >>READ MORE

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As ATampT Inc shuffles the executive ranks within its newlyacquired WarnerMedia entertainment empire CNN is in for a different kind of makeover according to The Wall Street JournalWSJ GraphicsJohn Stankey the ATampT executive at the helm of WarnerMedia is planning to revamp the cable news networks digital operation which he believes isnt reaching its potential and requires more inves...

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Global consumers overwhelmingly agree that online digital technology has positively impacted their lives according to the State of Digital Lifestyles research report from Limelight Networks Nasdaq LLNW a leading provider of edge cloud services The survey of consumers in nine countries shows digital device adoption is on the rise but performance frustrations and security concerns remainDig...

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Beasley Media Group has announced Nicole Siberry has been named Digital Program Director at Classic Rock WMGK 1029 FM and Country WXTU 925 FM in Philadelphia She officially began her new position on Monday February 18 2019Siberry most recently worked at Entercom Communications where she served as the Promotions and Programming Coordinator In that capacity she was responsible for creating...

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FOX News Digital finished the month of May at number one in multiplatform total views among its competitive set delivering a 10 percent increase over May 2018 and beating CNNcom for the fourth month in a row with 16 billion total views according to ComscoreFor the eighth consecutive month FOX News Digital continued to lead competitors in multiplatform minutes totaling 41 billion total min...

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Its time for the Federal Communications Commission to formally look into allowing AM radio stations to voluntarily and solely broadcast in alldigital so says the National Association of BroadcastersRadioWorld is reporting the NAB supports the comments submitted by Bryan Broadcasting which asked the commission to initiate a proceeding that would look at allowing AM stations to solely operate...

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NBC News announced on Monday the hiring of CNNs longtime video executive Chris Berend to run its digital operationAccording to Axios Berend will replace Nick Ascheim who is currently senior vice president of digital at NBC News and MSNBC Ascheim will be taking a new role within NBCUniversalDetails Over the next few weeks Nick will be moving into a role working to improve digital performan...

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For the first time US digital advertising revenues have passed 100 billion totaling 1075 billion in 2018 according to the Interactive Advertising Bureaus Internet Advertising Revenue Report prepared in partnership with PwCThat marks a 22 increase from 2017 which saw digital ad revenues hit 883 billion IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg said the figure was a watershed moment for the digi...

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Time spent with digital media in Canada has surpassed that of traditional media for the first time and digital ad spending has finally caught up with the changing way in which Canadians are consuming mediaeMarketer estimates that consumers in Canada will spend 9 hours 50 minutes 950 per day on media this year with 455 of that time spent on digital and 454 spent on traditionalJust two yea...

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US digital ad revenues at Amazon will more than double this year eMarketer estimates moving it up the ranks past Oath and Microsoft to take the No 3 position behind Facebook and GoogleUS advertisers will spend 461 billion on Amazons platform this year accounting for 41 of all digital ad spending in the country Its important to note that much of that growth is thanks to an accounting c...

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Melania Trump was perfectly cool Sunday at an airconditioned interactive digital museum in Tokyo where she drew a purple fish and had it projected on a digital aquarium on the wall as she and her host Japanese first lady Akie Abe joined dozens of schoolchildren while their husbands played golf under the scorching sunMrs Trump drew the fish for a girl named Julia and wrote underneath it Ju...

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