Khloe Kardashian To Tristan Thompson: How Long Until You Cheat Again?

Khloe Kardashian to Tristan Thompson: How Long Until You Cheat Again?

Thu, 17 Sep 2020 | By thehollywoodgossip | 6 Hits

The KUWTK Season 19 preview ended with a huge tease about Kourtney but Khloes storyline may be the bigger deal Khloe confronts Tristan point blank asking if hes only being nice to her so that she will take on back and he can go back to quietly cheating There is obviously a lot to go over in terms of the trailer In fact we covered the whole thing here in the video linked just below these words From the COVID19 pandemic to Scotts privacy getting violated to questions about Kourtney maybe being pregnant there was a lot to >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageJune Shannon Flaunts New Haircut: I Look Like Marilyn Monroe Again!
Fri, 31 Jul 2020 00:01 | Hits : 6 | US

Amidst reports that June Shannon is returning to From Not To Hot for a new season June is continuing to gradually get her life back together Part of that means remaining sober Part of that means fixing up her image with a brand new haircut So on an impulse I decided to cut my hair Mama June Shannon begins her Instagram caption And she raves I actually really like it c...

no imageKhloe Kardashian Accused of Photoshopping Face Beyond Recognition
Wed, 19 Aug 2020 03:01 | Hits : 7 | US

As little sister Kylie is accused of Blackfishing fans are once again chatting about Khloe Kardashians face People arent shaming her for her looks but accusing her of photoshopping her face beyond recognition Back in May fans noticed that Khloe Kardashian had a new face At the time they worried that it was the result of getting some drastic work done in pandemic lockdown...

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Thu, 24 Jan 2019 05:03 | Hits : 113 | US

Witnesses in the United States and overseas are being pushed to testify against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange according to WikiLeaks which is urging the Justice Department to unseal charges that appeared to have been filed last November implying that the witnesses add further evidence that prosecutors are building a case against himThe submission reveals for the first time that US federa...

no imageUNHCR expresses concern over death threats made against thousands of migrants in Libya
Mon, 27 Jul 2020 21:01 | Hits : 13 | US

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR expressed its concern about the declining condition and death threats facing thousands of illegal migrants in Libya On its website the UNHCR stated that the coast guard has returned 72 migrants to the seaport of Tripoli for distribution to shelters in the capital noting that besides detainees in trafficking camps more than...

no imageThe next Fortnite season has been delayed until June 4th
Sat, 08 Aug 2020 03:03 | Hits : 3 | US

Epic Games will extend the current Fortnite season by an extra month marking the second season in a row to be delayed The third season of Chapter 2 will now launch on June 4th rather than May 1st as originally planned Epic announced Epic launched Chapter 2 last October with new maps and content while promising less grind Seasons usually last a couple of months but the first season becam...

no imageBritney Spears: Refusing to Perform Until She's Free From Her Father?
Sat, 19 Sep 2020 03:01 | Hits : 6 | US

Its been 13 years since Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship controlled primarily by her father This was in the wake of Spears infamous meltdown during which she shaved her head and struck a paparazzos car with an umbrella These days Britneys life is far more stable yet the conservatorship is once again making tabloid headlines Thats because Brit has gone publ...

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Thu, 07 Feb 2019 15:04 | Hits : 48 | US

Fans of a conservative talk radio host are mourning his deathnbsp He died after being struck by an Amtrak train in Haltom City near Dallas TXMichael Doc Thompson 49 was killed Tuesday afternoon according to his production company MoJo 50 RadioWitnesses and the train crew said he was jogging alongside the tracks when he was hit by the passing train A pair of wireless earbuds was foun...

no imageDenise Richards: Brandi Glanville Spent the Night, But I Didn't Cheat!
Wed, 05 Aug 2020 03:01 | Hits : 4 | US

Last week Denise Richards heard Brandi Glanville39s claims of an affair and flipped the eff out even trying to make the footage unusable In this RHOBH sneak peek Denise speaks to Lisa Rinna oneonone about what Brandi said This week39s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will show Denise Richards once again discussing Brandi Glanville39s claims about her Brandi claime...

no imageLauren Comeau Melts Down on Instagram: Is Javi Marroquin Cheating Again?
Thu, 30 Jul 2020 06:01 | Hits : 13 | US

Around this time last yearJavi Marroquin was caught cheating on Lauren Comeau in about the messiest way possible Javi hosted a party for members of the Delaware gym that he owns and after Lauren went to bed Marroquin hooked up with a female guest in his bathroom Lauren woke up presumably after hearing the sounds of her husband banging some rando in the bathroom and not surpris...

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Fri, 21 Aug 2020 03:02 | Hits : 12 | US

On Valentines Day of 2020 Brian Hickerson was arrested for assaulting Hayden Panettiere Sadly this was not an isolated incident In fact Hickerson had been arrested on domestic violence charges on several previous occasions At first Hayden was either unwilling or afraid to leave her abusive boyfriend a tendency thats unfortunately common among domestic violence victims Even...

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