Kourtney Kardashian To Travis Barker: I Will Destroy You!

Kourtney Kardashian To Travis Barker: I Will Destroy You!

2021-02-23 | By feeds | 15 Hits

On the surface Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are a bit of an oddball couple Shes the fashionista diva whos spent the past decade raising her children like theyre royalty Hes the heavilytattooed punk rock drummer whos spent most of his adult life playing for sold out arenas all over the world But against all odds it looks like these two have gone from hookup buddies to fullblown boyfriend and girlfriend And now they want the whole world to know that theyre more than just friends with benefits We learned back >>READ MORE

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KABOOM In her wildly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday nightMeghan Markle dropped one bombshell after another after another Some were disturbing Some were revealing But at least one was very joyous and exciting so lets start there MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY ARE HAVING A GIRL About three weeks after Markle announced she was pregnant with her second child...

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Kim Kardashian wants Britney Spears to know that she isnt alone Far from it in fact In the wake of a documentary that has shed light on the way Britney was exploited manipulated and generally mistreated during the height of her fame Kardashian has shared a lengthy statement on Instagram I finally watched the Britney Spears documentary this week and it made me feel a lot of empa...

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A view of a damaged house following an earthquake in the village of Damasi in central Greece March 3 2021 Reuters pic Subscribe to our Telegram channel for the latest updates on news you need to know ATHENS March 7 Twin earthquakes in Greece last week have left around 900 houses uninhabitable media reported today while strong aftershocks continue to strike fear into people made homele...

no imageKourtney Kardashian to Scott Disick: Bang Teens If You Want, Weirdo! I'm Hotter Than Ever!
Fri, 05 Mar 2021 09:01 | Hits : 8 | US

By now youre probably heard the news that Scott Disick is dating Amelia Hamlin The situation is undeniably gross but Scott seems to be immune to cancelation There are several reasons for this not the least of which is that Scott is less famous than ever these days and he hardly seems worth the effort of a cancelation campaign But the main reason Scott has a license to continue ...

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Fri, 05 Mar 2021 05:30 | Hits : 9 | US

So far so good and extremely amicable betweenKim Kardashian and Kanye West A few weeks after the former sex tape participant and the unstable rapper confirmed their divorce multiple insiders have made it clear that no tension exists between the estranged husband and wife The legal split is not yet finalized But all negotiations are moving along smoothly Need a fresh example ...

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Just last month Khloe Kardashians weird distorted foot photos horrified her fans Its not just that the photos didnt look right though sure that got some laughs Fans are worried that her body image issues are getting worse not better Khloes latest series of pics modeling her clothing line are getting attention for all of the wrong reasons contexthttpschemaorg...

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For several weeks there the Kim KardashianKanye West divorce was the worstkept secret in Hollywood The impending split was public knowledge for so long that by the time Kim actually filed for divorce it almost felt anticlimactic But apparently Kanye himself still felt as though hed been blindsided And we probably dont need to tell you that hes not the kind of guy who takes bad ...

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Last month after what we can only describe as months of hype Kim Kardashian filed to divorce Kanye West The divorce has been a long time coming Fans know that its the right thing for their family and for their kids But how is Kim holding up Is she ready to move on contexthttpschemaorgtypeVideoObjectidhttpswwwthehollywoodgossipcomvideoskourtneyk...

no imageAmelia Hamlin Finally Earns Kourtney Kardashian's Approval!
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Theres nothing new about men in Hollywood dating much younger women But with his current relationship Scott Disick is really testing the limits of our willingness to accept large age gaps and creepy behavior As youve probably heard by now Scott is 37 and Amelia Hamlin is just 19 Thats pretty creepy on its own but making the situation even weirder is the fact that Scott has kno...

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One of the mostteased moment of KUWTK39s final season is becoming clearer Earlier trailers showed Scott Disick ready to marry Kourtney Kardashian Obviously that hasn39t happened in real life not yet But in this clip it becomes clear that it could as soon as Kourt39s konditions are met You know when you want to nudge your friends and sometimes you don39t have th...

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