The PA's Legacy Will Be The Thwarting Of Anti-colonial Resistance

The PA's legacy will be the thwarting of anti-colonial resistance

Thu, 17 Sep 2020 | By middleeastmonitor | 8 Hits

In the aftermath of the Arab Leagues failure to condemn normalisation of relations with Israel Palestinian unity is once again on the agenda Whether this is a reaction to the realisation that Palestinians have been abandoned or a sincere effort to bring politics to the people remains to be seen However the Palestinian Authoritys dominance is evident and harmful to the prospects of the Palestinian peoples political rights and anticolonial resistance To act as if colonisation in Palestine is a recent intervention when it actually dates back >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageAlgerian president decries crimes of French colonialism
Fri, 21 Aug 2020 03:01 | Hits : 5 | US

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Thursday said that the French colonization of his country resulted in 8220crimes against humanity8221 according to the official Algeria Press ServiceAnadolu Agencyreports This came in a speech to the Algerian people on Muhajid Day which commemorates the veterans of theWar of Independence The War of Independence took place between 1954 and 19...

no imageFrom the UN to Australia, Israel is making diplomatic inroads for colonial expansion
Thu, 06 Aug 2020 21:01 | Hits : 15 | US

After five years as Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon has been appointed as the Zionist states Ambassador to Australia although he still awaits official approval Do the Australians know I wonder that back in 2011 Danon expressed antimigrant sentiment and suggested to an Australian MP visiting Israel that African refugees should be sent to his country The refugees place is not amon...

no imageTurkey slams Macron's 'arrogant statement with old colonial reflexes'
Sat, 12 Sep 2020 00:00 | Hits : 4 | US

Turkey condemned French President Emmanuel Macron over the remarks he made with historical flashback after he intervened in a brewing crisis between Ankara and Athens over Eastern Mediterranean exploration rights TurkishDaily Sabahreports Pax Mediterranea mdash Emmanuel Macron EmmanuelMacron September 10 2020 According to the report the Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Macr...

no imageGiant Penis Mural To Be Painted Over After Stiff Resistance From Locals [NSFW]
Sun, 15 Apr 2018 09:00 | Hits : 146 | US

One could argue the artist got shafted...

no imageJacob Blakes grandmother talks about the familys history with civil rights, and hopes the tragedy
Sat, 29 Aug 2020 09:01 | Hits : 6 | US

Jacob Blakes grandmother hopes his shooting as tragic as it is will somehow continue her familys strong legacy in the fight for racial equality...

no imageHamas discusses Palestinian cause with resistance group
Sat, 19 Sep 2020 06:01 | Hits : 4 | US

The political chief of Palestinian group Hamas on Friday discussed how to confront the problems facing the Palestinian cause with a delegation from another resistance groupAnadolu Agencyreports Ismail Haniyeh met with the Palestine Liberation Front delegation led by SecretaryGeneral Abu Nidal Ashqar in the Lebanese capital Beirut according to astatement byHamas The parties stressed the ...

no imageAustralia and Israel are two sides of the colonial legacy which undermines Palestinian rights
Fri, 31 Jul 2020 00:01 | Hits : 6 | US

Like other countries prioritising international consensus and diplomatic relations with Israel simultaneously Australia is trying to square a colonial circle Whilst not averse to promoting the twostate paradigm and expressing concern at the forthcoming annexation Australia also supports Israel against the International Criminal Courts possible investigation into war crimes committed by Isra...

no imageFunding the PA strengthens Israels colonial framework
Wed, 29 Jul 2020 03:01 | Hits : 4 | US

Unsurprisingly Israels decision to halt its annexation plans temporarily has been met with a resounding silence from the international community rather than utilising the interlude to come up with a unified approach that holds Israel accountable for its open colonisation of Palestine Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority persists with its absurd yet dangerous spectacle professing a purportedly...

no imageWill Turkey join the Axis of Resistance?
Wed, 16 Sep 2020 18:01 | Hits : 9 | US

The past few years have demonstrated to the Axis of Resistance the motley alliance of antiimperialist imperialists that its efforts in the Middle East have not gone unrewarded Russia and Irans military intervention into Syria has allowed Bashar AlAssad to survive years of onslaught by opposition groups and then recapture territory far beyond the regime strongholds in the south and the Al...

no imageWho won Gazas battle of the incendiary balloons, Israel or the resistance?
Thu, 03 Sep 2020 00:01 | Hits : 3 | US

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas announced on Monday night the end of a period of cross border tension Thanking Egyptian and Qatari mediation for the understanding with Israel Hamas stressed that it had won a new battle with the occupation state The Head of the Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh made the announcement in Doha where he is staying at the moment He stressed that t...

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