Minim Pengawasan, Ojol Masih Berkerumun Saat Menunggu Penumpang

Minim Pengawasan, Ojol Masih Berkerumun saat Menunggu Penumpang

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 | By merdeka | 2 Hits

Minim Pengawasan Ojol Masih Berkerumun saat Menunggu Penumpang Pemprov DKI Jakarta sebelumnya telah membuat larangan ojol dan ojek pangkalan berkumpul lebih dari lima orang serta menjaga jarak sepeda motor minimal dua meter Namun minimnya pengawasan membuat kerumunan pengemudi ojol masih banyak dijumpai >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

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Sen Bernie Sanders presidential campaign will limit staffers hours to ensure they are paid at least 15 an hour according to Fox NewsThe move comes following reports of internal strife among unionized campaign organizers working for Sanders presidential campaign who say they are not being compensated for the number of hours they are working nbspSanders is a staple on the front lines of th...

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Qatar announced on Sunday changes to its labour laws raising its minimum wage on Sunday by 25 per cent to 1000 riyals 2746 a month and scrapping a requirement for employees to get the permission of their employers to change jobs Reuters reports It is the latest in a series of labour reforms by the 2022 FIFA World Cup host which in the lead up to the tournament has faced accusations that mi...

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The minimum wage debate has kicked into high gear in Emeryville Calif as workers there say 1630 an hour is barely enough to survive in the Bay Area and business owners struggle with paying out the highest rate in the country The Wall Street Journal reportsIn Emeryville the hometown of Pixar Animation Studios the median rent for a onebedroom apartment is 2840 and the median home price i...

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Walmart Inc urged Congress to boost the federal minimum wage a rare instance of the nations biggest private employer demanding change on a contentious issue its long been pilloried forCalling the current 725 minimum wage too low Walmart Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon said Wednesday its time for Congress to put a thoughtful plan in place to boost it Walmart WMT has raised its...

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