Pakistan Supplied Arms To Ukraine In Return For IMF Bailout With Help Of US - Report

2023-09-18 | By middleeastmonitor | 24 Hits

Pakistan supplied munitions and arms to Ukraine in return for the recent bailout to the South Asian country by the International Monetary Fund IMF in a deal brokered by the United States leaked documents have revealed According to an investigation by The Intercept two sources with knowledge of the arrangement as well as internal Pakistani and American government documents revealed that Pakistan had succumbed to US pressure to covertly support Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia in return for a guarantee that Washington would get the IMF >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageYou Should Make The Tiny Frozen Fried Eggs Reddit Hates
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 02:04 | Hits: 12 | US

It is always fun to watch the internet get angry about food Im pretty good at spotting outrageinducing dishes before the outrage even begins and one thing I know with utter certainty is that most people do not appreciate whimsy Case in point These tiny fried eggs which are causing quite a stir on RedditRead more...

no imageClayton Echard Says Truth Will Set You Free Amid Bombshell Paternity Scandal
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 12:30 | Hits: 20 | US

Clayton Echard is looking to clear his name Earlier this week we learned that the former Bachelor lead had been sued by an unidentified woman after she claims the pair had sexual intercourse on May 20 This woman says she got pregnant as a result of this action8230 and that Echard has First been denying he8217s the father of her impending twins second pressuring her to get an ...

no imageCouncil: Turkiye Must Pay $64m To Those Who Cannot Access Their Properties In Northern Cyprus
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 19:30 | Hits: 8 | US

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe stated that Turkiye should unconditionally pay compensation of 60 million 64 million to people who cannot access their properties in the north of Cyprus Euronews reports According to the report the European Court of Human Rights ECtHR convicted Turkiye of paying 40 million Euros for people whose rights were violated and approximately 20 ...

no imageYou Should Treat Your Budget Like A Healthy Diet
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 02:04 | Hits: 8 | US

Sticking to a budget can feel a lot like sticking to a diet Both are a form of restriction and you do need discipline and often sacrifice to see results And like with yoyo dieting when you try to eat healthier its easy to find yourself trapped in a cycle of unhealthy habits with money tooRead more...

no imageYou Can Finally Share Your AirTags Location With Others
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 19:35 | Hits: 1 | US

Apples AirTags have always been decent at helping you keep track of your stuff but with one major flaw They could only be associated with one Apple ID at a time meaning you and your spouse couldnt both track the AirTag that helps you remember where you parked the car for exampleRead more...

no imageThese Adorable Jellyfish Show Learning Doesn't Even Require A Brain
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 19:33 | Hits: 14 | US

Human scientistsmdashused to the benefits of a centralized complex brainmdashhave been underestimating what a simple nerve network can do...

no image12 Podcasts That Explain The '90s
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 19:35 | Hits: 2 | US

The 1990s was a transformative time that left an indelible mark on culture technology and geopolitics With its vibrant pop culture technological innovations and geopolitical shifts the decade was a period of immense change and growth From Professor Anita Hills landmark testimony in the Clarence Thomas SupremeRead more...

no imageThe Best Desk Lamps Under $40
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 02:04 | Hits: 15 | US

If youve got a desk youd probably benefit from equipping it with a lampthe lights from your computer screen can feel harsh in the dark after all But the best one for you to choose will depend on your specific needs and the features youll benefit most from whether you need charging ports mobility or something Read more...

no imageKim Kardashian Earns Rave Reviews For American Horror Story: Delicate
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 16:01 | Hits: 28 | US

Earlier this summer Kim Kardashian8217s look in American Horror Story Delicate received mixed reviews Some felt disappointed that she was still just a gorgeous woman Others felt that it was too close to Lady Gaga8217s look But that was just promo art This week the horror anthology premiered its 12th season and viewers could see Kim for themselves In this case the reviews a...

no imageCristiano Ronaldo Celebrates Saudi National Day In Traditional Attire
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 16:00 | Hits: 13 | US

Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday appeared in a video wearing traditional Saudi attire to celebrate the Kingdom8217s National Day Anadolu Agency reports The Saudi people are set to mark their 93rd national day on Saturday 23 September during which military parades a biker parade an arms exhibition across major cities will be held and other festivals The Saudi AlNassr Football Club which R...

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