The Best Password Managers For 2021

The Best Password Managers For 2021

2021-02-23 | By digitaltrends | 8 Hits

The internet can be a scary place especially without a proper password manager We put together a list of the best password managers you can get right now >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageUpdate Your Slack Passwords Now, Android Users
Wed, 10 Feb 2021 06:31 | Hits : 15 | US

Over the weekend some Slack Android users received a seemingly random email urging them to update their passwords The email claims a bug in the Android app incorrectly logged password data as plaintext that could be easily scooped up by hackersRead more...

no imageHow to Sync iCloud Passwords With Chrome and Edge Chromium
Tue, 02 Feb 2021 06:31 | Hits : 19 | US

It can be annoying to live the dualplatform life of macOS and Windowsor even just Apple and everything that isnt Apple But if you save your passwords to Keychain and then upload that to iCloud to sync with your Apple devices youll now be able to extend that functionality to Windows systems SortofRead more...

no imageHow to change your Outlook password
Fri, 15 Jan 2021 08:31 | Hits : 47 | US

Using strong email passwords and changing them regularly is very important Learn how to change your Outlook password with a few quick steps...

no imageLamar Odom: Sabrina is Holding My Passports and Passwords HOSTAGE! Help!
Fri, 01 Jan 2021 09:01 | Hits : 22 | US

In early November the world learned that Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr had split ending their engagement An attempted reconciliation failed Now Lamar is publicly pleading for his passwords and important legal documents like his passport which he claims that Sabrina is holding hostage Oh no Lamar Odom is trying to inch his way back onto social media if only to issue an urgent plea...

no imageThe Kindle stores WIFI passwords in your Amazon Account
Fri, 01 Jan 2021 05:30 | Hits : 22 | US

Many people are unaware but in 2018 Amazon launched a program called FrustrationFree Setup It was initially launched for various Echo and Alexa devices and in 2019 came to the Kindle ereaders Part of this program is the WiFi Locker which lets you choose to securely save your WiFi passwords to the Amazon cloud so you can set up new devices without fumbling to remember and type in your pass...

no imageHow Do I Get Into My Phone if I Forgot My PIN or Password?
Sat, 12 Dec 2020 12:31 | Hits : 13 | US

People forget things It happens While I cant say Ive ever forgotten the password or PIN for my phone I totally get how its possible Maybe you set the phone up and placed it down to process any and all updates it has to go through or charge up to full capacity and came back to a locked screen and a vagueRead more...

no imageShould I Keep Using My Password Manager?
Sat, 28 Nov 2020 05:31 | Hits : 68 | US

You should be using a password manager because its one of the best things you can do to secure your digital life With it youll be able to create strong incredibly difficult to guess passwords that you wont even be able to remember yourself Your password manager will store them for you and youll be able toRead more...

no imageHow to change your Disney+ password
Wed, 18 Nov 2020 08:31 | Hits : 39 | US

Whether your Disney account was hacked or youre merely looking to change your password to something a little more secure heres everything you need to know...

no imageHow to password protect a folder in Windows and MacOS
Tue, 17 Nov 2020 01:31 | Hits : 27 | US

Everyone has private data on their PC and one of the best ways to safeguard that is to password protect it But do you know how to password protect a folder...

no imageWattpad logins and passwords have been stolen
Tue, 21 Jul 2020 08:25 | Hits : 28 | US

Wattpad the selfpublishing platform that is read by millions of readers every month has experienced a data breach Their database with over 270 million user records have been stolen and is being sold on blackmarket websites for over 100000 USD Kiel Hume Director of PR 038 Communications at Wattpad said that no financial information phone numbers stories or private messages were acces...

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