Di Tg Piai Pengundi Cina Tinggalkan PH Dua Kali Ganda Dari Kadar Di Kawasan Melayu

Di Tg Piai pengundi Cina tinggalkan PH dua kali ganda dari kadar di kawasan Melayu

Sun, 17 Nov 2019 | By malaysiakini | 50 Hits

Keadaan itu menyaksikan PH kalah di semua pusat daerah mengundi berbanding PRU tahun lalu yang menyaksikan mereka menang di 11 daripada 27 pusat yang ada >>READ MORE

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RM Broadcasting LLC a Floridabased company that has agreements to broadcast the Russian state media program Radio Sputnik reached a deal on Jan 1 to lease air time through Alpine Broadcasting Corp in Liberty Alpine Broadcasting Corp broadcasts on three frequencies in the Kansas City area KCXL 1140 AM 1029 FM and 1047 FMThe Kansas City Star reports the lease agreement lets RM Broadcasti...

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A group of House Democrats criticized the Federal Communications Commission FCC on Thursday for not taking action to curb Russian propaganda aired on US radio stations and urged the agency to take steps to remedy this ahead of the 2020 elections The Hill reportsIn a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai the House members led by Reps Anna Eshoo DCalif and Michael Doyle DPenn pointed to c...

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