Peniaga Didakwa Di Mahkamah Kerana Milik 4 Gambar Lucah Dalam IPhone 6S Plus

Peniaga didakwa di mahkamah kerana milik 4 gambar lucah dalam iPhone 6S Plus

Fri, 14 Feb 2020 | By terbocor | 42 Hits

Seorang peniaga mengaku tidak bersalah di Mahkamah Majistret Johor Bahru atas pertuduhan memiliki gambar lucah di dalam telefon bimbitnyanbspTertuduh Mohamad Faezi Abd Latif 25 membuat pengakuan itu selepas pertuduhan dibacakan di hadapan Nurasidah A Rahmannbsp19 Mac 2019 Mohamad Faezi dituduh memiliki empat keping gambar lucah di dalam iPhone 6S Plus di Masai pada jam 420 petangnbspDia dituduh mengikut Seksyen 292a Kanun Keseksaan yang membawa hukuman penjara maksimum tiga tahun atau denda atau keduaduanya sekali jika didapati bers >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

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Wall Street Journal graphicLowerthanexpected demand for Apple Incs new iPhones and the companys decision to offer more models have created turmoil along its supply chain and made it harder for Apple to predict the number of components and phones it needs reports The Wall Street Journal citing people familiar with the situationIn recent weeks Apple slashed production orders for all three of...

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Google researchers revealed a hacking operation on iPhones that left users vulnerable for two and a half years including passwords messages emails and contacts The Guardian reportedThe hacks came from malware installed on phones when the users visited compromised websites and were discovered by Googles external security experts according to the report Found Feb 1 Apple fixed its securit...

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Apple on Thursday said that it will stop reporting unit sales data for its iPhone iPad and Mac computer products the latter of which it has given out since 1998 Analysts and investors use the figures to calculate the average selling price of Apples devices and gauge the health of the companyReuters reports Apple said the data is less relevant to the strength of its business as customers bundl...

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Apple Inc and manufacturing partner Foxconn violated a Chinese labor rule by using too many temporary staff in the worlds largest iPhone factory the companies confirmed following a report that also alleged harsh working conditionsThe claims came from China Labor Watch which issued the report ahead of an Apple event on Tuesday to announce new iPhones The nonprofit advocacy group investigates...

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Apple Inc is offering cyber security researchers up to 1 million to detect flaws in iPhones the largest reward offered by a company to defend against hackersThe offer comesnbspat a time of rising concern about governments breaking into the mobile devices of dissidents journalists and human rights advocatesUnlike other technology providers Apple AAPL previously offered rewards only to in...

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