Qatar Rejects Normalisation With Israel Before Solving Palestinian Situation

Qatar rejects normalisation with Israel before solving Palestinian situation

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 | By middleeastmonitor | 6 Hits

Qatar has completely rejected normalising ties with Israel stressing that this is not the core of the IsraeliPalestinian struggle Speaking toBloombergon Monday spokesperson of Qatars Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lolwah Rashid AlKhater said We dont think that normalization was the core of this conflict and hence it cant be the answer AlKhater added The core of this conflict is about the drastic conditions that the Palestinians are living under as people without a country living under occupation Meanwhile she pointed to progress >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageRights groups denounce Israels imprisonment of Sheikh Raed Salah
Sat, 22 Aug 2020 03:01 | Hits : 3 | US

The International Federation of Jurists denounced Israels detention of Palestinian activist Raed Salah and called on the international community and nongovernmental organisations to defend the Palestinian peoples rights The Istanbulbased rights organisation added in a statement that Israel commits terrorist acts by killing of innocent Palestinian civilians using heavy arms warplanes an...

no imageReport: Israel told Hezbollah killing of fighter in Syria was a mistake
Mon, 27 Jul 2020 21:01 | Hits : 22 | US

Israel did inform Hezbollah that the killing of one of the groups fighters in Syria last week was a mistake Lebanons AlMayadeen news channel reported on Saturday The message which was transmitted between the parties by the United Nations reportedly stated Israeli forces were unaware Hezbollah fighters were stationed in the area and warned against a response Hezbollah according to AlMayad...

no imageUS: UAE will not get F-35 jets for up to 7 years, despite Israel peace deal
Thu, 24 Sep 2020 21:01 | Hits : 2 | US

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said that the United Arab Emirates which has recently signed a historic USsponsored peace deal with Israel would not receive American F35 stealth fighter jets for six or seven years The Emiratis have been trying to get the F35 for six or seven years And delivery time is probably another six or seven years from now the official told theJerusalem P...

no imageState media: Syrian air defences thwart Israeli attack on Aleppo city
Fri, 11 Sep 2020 15:01 | Hits : 3 | US

Syrian air defences thwarted an Israeli attack on Aleppo city Syrian state television said on Friday Reuters reports Later the broadcaster said the army downed several Israeli missiles before they reached their targets in the latest attack Syria said was conducted by Israel Israeli defence officials have said in recent months Israel would step up its campaign against Iran in Syria where with...

no imagePro-Israel Kamala Harris pledges not to condition US aid to Israel on human rights
Fri, 28 Aug 2020 00:01 | Hits : 8 | US

SenatorKamala Harris the Democratic nominee for vice president has eased the concerns of proIsrael Jewish donors to her party by pledging not to condition aid to Israel on its human rights record if Joe Biden is elected President 8220Joe has made it clear he will not tie security assistance to any political decisions that Israel makes and I couldn8217t agree more8221 Harris is rep...

no imageSouth African court allows sheep exports to Middle East, rejects cruelty concerns
Wed, 26 Aug 2020 03:01 | Hits : 7 | US

A South African court ruled on Tuesday that a Kuwaiti firm could ship thousands of sheep to the Middle East dealing a blow to animal welfare activists seeking to ban such exports on concerns that extreme heat could kill the animals en route In the high court case South Africa8217s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals NSPCA sought an interim injunction to prevent Kuwait...

no imageUN: Palestinian economic woes compounded by COVID-19
Wed, 09 Sep 2020 03:01 | Hits : 4 | US

The COVID19 pandemic is compounding dire economic conditions in the Palestinian territories where GDP per capita was already projected to fall by 3 to 45 this year a United Nations agency said on Tuesday Lockdown measures have had 8220grave fiscal implications8221 for authorities and residents of the Israelioccupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and come as donors are cashstrapped the ...

no imageThere are dangerous repercussions for Yemen from UAE-Israel normalisation
Tue, 15 Sep 2020 03:01 | Hits : 4 | US

Gulf normalisation with Israel is picking up pace due to the tremendous electoral pressure imposed by US President Donald Trump on the states which are existentially linked to America for their security Another common denominator that unites all of the normalisers is their participation in a military coalition fighting in Yemen that still claims to be there in order to protect the legitimate gove...

no imageHow do Democrats and Republicans Differ on Palestine and Israel?
Wed, 16 Sep 2020 21:01 | Hits : 6 | US

The polarized nature of American politics often makes it difficult to address fundamental differences between the countrys two main political rivals Republicans and Democrats As each side is intent on discrediting the other at every opportunity unbiased information regarding the two parties actual stances on internal and external issues can be difficult to decipher Regarding Palestine and Is...

no imageAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos Faces Rare Test in First Testimony Before Congress
Tue, 28 Jul 2020 03:01 | Hits : 17 | US

Amazoncom Chief Executive Jeff Bezoss message that the company uses its scale for good is set to be tested as never before when he makes his firstever appearance before Congress on Wednesday...

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