Sampai Bengkok Lilin, Gara2 Ini Foto Uqasha Senrose, Kamal Adli Dihujani Komen Netizen

Sampai Bengkok Lilin, Gara2 Ini Foto Uqasha Senrose, Kamal Adli Dihujani Komen Netizen

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GARAGARA membuat suntingan keterlaluan pada foto di majlis ulang tahun ke28 pelakon Uqasha Senrose menerima teguran pengikut laman sosialnyaMenerusi foto tersebut Uqasha atau nama sebenarnya Nik Zaris Uqasha Nik Sen menyunting bahagian pi1nggulnya sehingga membuatkan lilin pada kek hari jadi turut membengkokFoto romantik bersama pelakon Kamal Adli itu turut mendapat perhatian jurusolek terkenal Datuk Alha AlfaPerangai Herot lilin selamat hari jadi Uqasha Awak hebat Rindu awak komen Alha AlfaUqasha ditegur netizen selepas berkongsi fo >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

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In a new offtherails interview Roseanne Barr calls originators of the MeToo movement hos and attacks Sen Kamala Harris Christine Blasey Ford and many other women reports Fox NewsTheyre pretending that they didnt go to trade sexual favors for money Barr says rhetorically asking why some women find themselves in mens hotel rooms at 3 amKamala HarrisInterviewer Candace Owens replie...

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Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris marched with protesting and striking McDonalds employees Friday in Las Vegas as the workers called for a 15 minimum wage and better working conditionsThe California senator is the latest presidential candidate to appear with workers of the fastfood franchise as they rally around the country demanding higher pay and the right to a unionAs tempera...

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It is officiially on American citizens On Tuesday afternoon Joe Biden announced that he had selected California SenatorKamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 Presidential Election Harris former nominee herself for the Oval Office now becomes the firstever Black woman to be nominated for Vice President of the United States I have the great honor to announce that Ive p...

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Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris said Friday that President Donald Trump seems to derive joy from provoking some Americans to hateful speech and actions and she says that goes to issues deeper than whether the president is a white supremacistIve not said this out loud but I think it and I feel it Harris told The Associated Press during an interview traveling across Iowa H...

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Hours after Kamala Harris was named Joe Bidens running mate Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered up a stark warning to the California Democratic senators detractors This is not a woman to be trifled with...

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Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Bidens decision to choose Sen Kamala Harris as his running mate leaves President Donald Scared Trump with little choice he needs to dump Vice President Mike Pence...

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Senarai Hotel Wajib Dikunjungi Cuti Sekolah
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