Saudi Royal Guard Workers To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine As Cases Continue To Rise

Saudi Royal Guard Workers To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine As Cases Continue To Rise

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AuthornbspTue 20210223 1708 RIYADH Saudi Arabias Royal Guard inaugurated a new coronavirus vaccination center on Tuesday to inoculate employees The center was launched by the Royal Guard Medical Services Department in cooperation with the Ministry of Health Lt Gen Suhail bin Saqr AlMutairi chief of the Royal Guard said the center is equipped with all basic services and employs specialized medical teams and staff in line with precautionary and preventive measures The Kingdom recorded four new COVID19related deaths on Tuesday >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageSaudi COVID vaccine campaign expanding as cases continue to rise
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AuthornbspTue 20210302 2120 RIYADH Pregnant women and children in Saudi Arabia have not yet been permitted to receive the coronavirus vaccine said a health ministry spokesperson Dr Mohammed AlAbd AlAly said that this is a temporary measure until further studies have been completed He said the vaccine operation is expanding with 350 vaccination centers across the Kingdom in addit...

no imageSaudi health minister: COVID-19 vaccine will be prerequisite for Hajj
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 23:01 | Hits : 6 | SA

Tue 20210302 1543 DUBAI Saudi Arabias health minister said in a statement that receiving a coronavirus vaccine will be a prerequisite for pilgrims Arabic daily Okaz reported Tawfiq AlRabiah said authorities must prepare appropriate manpower in the health sector in Makkah and AlMadinah ahead of the annual Islamic pilgrimage or Hajj the report added Based on those preparations make ...

no imageUS embassy in Saudi Arabia condemns Houthi attack on Jazan
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 23:01 | Hits : 6 | SA

Tue 20210302 1102 DUBAI The US Embassy in Riyadh has condemned the latest missile attack by the Iranbacked Houthi militants on the Jazan region southwestern Saudi Arabia The embassy called on the Houthi group to halt attacks and engage in diplomatic efforts The US Embassy condemns last nights Houthi attack on Jazan which injured several civilians We wish the victims a speedy...

no imageSaudi Justice Ministry launches online service for businesses
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 16:01 | Hits : 7 | SA

Tue 20210302 0452 RIYADH The Saudi Justice Ministry launched an online service through its Najiz portal for commercial entities The service will help institutions and companies complete their legal requirements and documentation online without any hassles Businesses are required to create an account on the ministrys Najiz portal to avail all judicial services The business enterprises a...

no imageCyprus gives Saudi Arabia most favorable COVID-19 travel status
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:30 | Hits : 6 | SA

AuthornbspTue 20210302 0336 RIYADH People traveling from Saudi Arabia to Cyprus will not have to quarantine after the Kingdom was ranked among the leastrisky countries for spreading coronavirus disease COVID19 The eastern Mediterranean island nation was from Monday welcoming back tourists using a colorcategory system Saudi Arabia has been placed in the most favorable green categ...

no imageHouthi missile injures 5 people in Saudi Arabias Jazan
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:30 | Hits : 6 | SA

Tue 20210302 0116 RIYADH Five people were injured when a missile launched by Yemens Houthi militia fell in the Jazan region of southwestern Saudi Arabia state news agency SPA reported early on Tuesday The media spokesman for the Directorate of Civil Defense in Jazan Col Mohammed bin Yahya AlGhamdi said the authority received a report about a missile launched from Yemen toward one of ...

no imageMeet the Saudi volunteers saving lives across the Gulf
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:30 | Hits : 5 | SA

Tue 20210302 0024 RIYADH With camping season in full swing across the Kingdom many Saudi families are taking the opportunity to engage in fun COVIDfriendly activities Desert camping or kashtas as theyre colloquially known hiking trips and other outdoorsy activities are taking place all over the country However due to the nature of these activities the likelihood of accidents te...

no imagePromo released for joint Saudi-Japanese anime The Journey
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:30 | Hits : 7 | SA

Tue 20210302 0020 JEDDAH Saudi Arabias Manga Productions has launched a promotional video for the first joint SaudiJapanese anime film The Journey Film buffs will enjoy a unique multisensory experience through 4DX technology which simulates the effects and conditions seen on screen The launch of the promotional video comes ahead of the renowned Berlin International Film Festival be...

no imageSaudi club continues efforts to protect falcons
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:30 | Hits : 5 | SA

Tue 20210302 0443 RIYADH As part of its Hadad program to protect falcons the Saudi Falcons Club set free several species of the bird to restore the natural equilibrium These birds of prey will be carefully monitored and studied in nature It will also help boost the falcon population The project is carried out with the help from the Special Forces for Environmental Security the National...

no imageSaudi-Georgian Parliamentary Friendship Committee reviews bilateral ties
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 12:30 | Hits : 5 | SA

Tue 20210302 0122 The Saudi Shoura Councils Joint SaudiGeorgian Parliamentary Friendship Committee headed by its chairman Dr Fayez AlShehri held a meeting with Georgian Ambassador Vakhtang Jaoshvili in Riyadh on Monday during which they reviewed bilateral ties and discussed ways to strengthen them AlShehri highlighted the role and work mechanism of the Saudi Shoura Council He also pre...

Senarai Hotel Wajib Dikunjungi Cuti Sekolah
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