Mahu Selesaikan Isu Identiti, Sajat Sedia Bertemu JAKIM

Mahu Selesaikan Isu Identiti, Sajat Sedia Bertemu JAKIM

Thu, 13 Feb 2020 | By edisiviral | 26 Hits

Sejak beberapa minggu lalu kecoh isu Nur Sajat atau nama sebenarnya Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruz Zaman mengenakan pakaian seperti wanita lengkap bertelekung ketika mengerjakan ibadah umrah yang telah mengundang kecaman hebat masyarakat Sebelum ini Mufti Wi >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

no imageEgypt approves law to protect identities of women reporting sex abuse
Mon, 17 Aug 2020 18:00 | Hits : 3 | US

Egypt approved a new law on Sunday to protect the identity of women who come forward to report sexual harassment or assault in a move that aimed to encourage women and girls to report cases of sexual violence The law which will give victims the automatic right to anonymity comes as hundreds of women have started to speak up on social media about sexual assault in a MeToo movement in Egypt wher...

no imageReport: Daesh leader revealed fellow jihadists identities to US
Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:01 | Hits : 8 | US

The current leader of Daesh provided the names of 68 AlQaeda jihadists to the US in 2008 declassified intelligence files cited by theTimesclaim Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman AlMawla passed the information to US intelligence when he was arrested in Iraq in 2008 identifying jihadists responsible for plotting assassinations kidnappings and bombings At least one of the men identified was later k...

no imageEgypt passes law shielding sex crime victims' identities
Wed, 19 Aug 2020 06:01 | Hits : 4 | US

Egypt8217s parliament on Tuesday gave its final approval to a law protecting the identity of victims of sexual harassment and assault aimed at encouraging women who fear social stigma to report such crimes The measure was proposed by the government after a rare public debate about sex crimes which followed a social media campaign that led to the arrest of a suspected sex offender A new arti...

Senarai Hotel Wajib Dikunjungi Cuti Sekolah
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