Tak Tahan Asyik Dapat Surat Saman, Owner Mazda Cari 'kereta Kembar' Sampai Jumpa Di Bangi

Tak tahan asyik dapat surat saman, owner Mazda cari 'kereta kembar' sampai jumpa di Bangi

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 | By edisiviral | 17 Hits

Kekerapan menerima saman atas kesalahan memandu melebihi had laju dan samansaman lain di tempat yang tidak pernah dikunjungi membuatkan pemilik kereta Mazda ini berasa hairan Sedangkan selama ini dia hanya menetap di Johor dan saman yang diterima pula m >>READ MORE

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no imageNews Story | NAB Wants FCC to Eliminate Competition Rules Limiting Ownership
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With the FCC about to embark on the review it does every four years of whether its broadcast ownership rules remain necessary in the public interest of competition Billboard reports the National Association of Broadcasters is encouraging the agency to relax if not eliminate all together any restrictions on how many stations a single owner can have in one marketCurrently the FCC allows each ra...

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Dick GleasonRadio broadcaster Dick Gleason died Friday night at the age of 71Gleason was the president and owner of Gleason Media Services which owned seven radio stations that from Kennebunk to Rangeley including WOXOFM in Norway MaineIn 2008 the Auburn Business Association named Gleason its Citizen of the Year an award that honors volunteerism good business practices and dedication to L...

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One grey Schnauzer wore a homemade banner declaring Brexits Barking Mad...

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The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit wont review a threejudge panel decision throwing out much of the FCCs broadcast ownership deregulation order according to a court document obtained by BampCThe full court did not explain why it would not review the decision but en banc rehearings are not routineThe National Association of Broadcasters had joined with the FCC in seeking the fu...

no imageHarvey tow company owner pleads guilty to aiding shakedown of entrepreneur
Wed, 19 Aug 2020 09:01 | Hits : 8 | US

Will Wiley who prosecutors said served as a bagman for illicit cash payments to city officials faces 30 to 37 months in prison under federal sentencing guidelines...

no imageNaperville man who killed Downers Grove student while driving drunk says 7-year prison term should b
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The Naperville man sentenced to seven years in prison for killing a Downers Grove student while driving drunk says the penalty is too stiff documents filed in DuPage County Court say...

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The restaurant group laid off about 275 people in August of 516 employees who received notice due to a hole that was 4 million deep...

no imageNews Story | Congress Wants 8chan Owner to Testify on Extremist Content
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The owner of 8chan the anonymous chat site where the El Paso Texasnbspgunman reportedly posted a racist screed ahead of the mass shooting Saturday is being called to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee about the notorious sites racist and extremist contentRegrettably this is at least the third act of white supremacist extremist violence linked to your website this year ...

no imageGlencoe financial advisor faces federal charges in wire fraud scheme involving foreclosed homeowners
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Mary Martinez also known as Mary Flores 53 is charged with 10 counts of wire fraud...

no imageNews Story | Music Groups Oppose Further Deregulate AM/FM Ownership
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Two music artist groups who have filed comments on the status of competition in the audio programming delivery marketplace say its key that the Federal Communications Commission not further deregulate ownership of AMFM radio in the USAccording to RadioWorld the groups musicFIRST and Future of Music filed comments with the Media Bureau on Sept 24 as part of the commissions request for commen...

Senarai Hotel Wajib Dikunjungi Cuti Sekolah
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