Turkey Withdraws Its Exploration Ship From Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey withdraws its exploration ship from Eastern Mediterranean

Tue, 15 Sep 2020 | By middleeastmonitor | 4 Hits

The Turkish drilling ship Oruc Reis has returned to shore to ease tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said yesterday stressing that the move does not mean Ankara is giving up its rights to the area The Oruc Reis research ship returned to an area near the southern Turkish port of Antalya for the first time in more than a month Akar played down the significance of the move saying the ship had returned as part of scheduled plans and insisted it did not mean Ankara was 8220giving up our rights there8221 822 >>READ MORE

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Turkey has condemned claims by the Austrian authorities that it is conducting espionage operations in their country saying that the allegations are based on rising antiTurkey sentiment The accusations followed the filing of charges yesterday against a man who Austria claims has confessed to being a Turkish intelligence agent We reject the unfounded allegations made about our country by the Au...

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday called on Turkey to reopen a 8220responsible dialogue8221 on the Eastern Mediterranean reports Anadolu Agency In Ajaccio we sent a clear message to Turkey let8217s reopen a responsible dialogue in good faith without naivety This call is now also that of the European Parliament It seems to have been heard Let8217s move on Macron sai...

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Greece should not let it be used by countries trying to exploit it for their own domestic political games and ambitions said Turkeys parliament speaker on Wednesday Anadolu reports Instead Greece must act with common sense and should respect international law treaties and Turkey8217s rights in the Mediterranean Mustafa Sentop told journalists in the Aegean province of Izmir Sentop said...

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO is an alliance in name alone Recent events notwithstanding the brewing conflict over territorial waters in the Eastern Mediterranean indicates that the military union between mostly Western countries is faltering The current TurkishGreek tension is only one facet of a much larger conflict involving aside from the two Mediterranean 8230 The po...

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Not since Napoleon stepped foot on the shores of Alexandria in July 1798 embarking on his shortlived invasion of Egypt has a Frenchman so imperiously sought to topple a native regional power in the eastern Mediterranean while still appealing to the local population Under the name of God on whom all depends Napoleon appealed to the people and the elites of Egypt by assuring that I come to...

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The past few years have demonstrated to the Axis of Resistance the motley alliance of antiimperialist imperialists that its efforts in the Middle East have not gone unrewarded Russia and Irans military intervention into Syria has allowed Bashar AlAssad to survive years of onslaught by opposition groups and then recapture territory far beyond the regime strongholds in the south and the Al...

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Turkeys ambassador in Baghdad has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry after a Turkish drone killed two senior Iraqi officers A visit by Turkeys Minister of Defence scheduled for Thursday has now been cancelled The drone struck the border guard battalion commanders and the driver of their vehicle yesterday in what is likely to have been a mistake The missile hit the men as they were in a mee...

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Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said today that the UAE is 8220a functional country that serves others politically or militarily and is used remotely8221 Criticising the UAEs role in Libya and Syria Akar said in an interview with Al Jazeera today that Turkey will hold Abu Dhabi accountable at the right time and place for the malicious actions committed in Libya and Syria Akar called...

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The Kurdish Workers Party PKK said it had shot down a Turkish helicopter on the border of Iraqi Kurdistan on Sunday in retaliation for the death of one of its commanders last week According to the Media Centre of the Kurdistan Peoples Defense Forces HPG the group launched a military operation on Sunday in which it targeted a helicopter near Jarjla Square in the Zagros region and managed a...

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Turkey and Qatar have signed a tripartite deal with the Libyan government for military cooperation in a new development set to enhance the governments defence against the forces of Khalifa Haftar The agreement which was announced by Libyas Deputy Defence Minister Salam AlNamroush yesterday will establish military facilities and training programmes within the country This cooperation will i...

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