Turkiye Aims To Develop Unmanned Submarine

2023-01-25 | By middleeastmonitor | 2 Hits

Turkiye plans to develop unmanned submarines Anadolu News Agency reports According to the report Turkish defence firm STM puts itself on a new target of developing unmanned submarines after delivering the second of the Agosta 90B class submarines owned by Pakistan39s Navy in Turkiye39s first and only submarine modernisation export READMissile hit Turkiyeowned ship in Ukraine Kherson port 8211 video sources Ozgur Guleryuz General Manager of STM told Anadolu Agency AA that they aim to become a strong player in the international a >>READ MORE

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The Peacock murdermystery series Poker Face is another home run for Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne...

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The term 8220biophilic8221 comes from the Greek word 8220bios8221 meaning 8220life8221 and 8220philia8221 meaning 8220love8221 and refers to the innate human desire for connection to nature The biophilic design8217s main idea is to bring the 8230 The post Everything You Need to Know About Biophilic Elements In Home Design appeared first on Architecture Ar...

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A hacker reportedly nabbed the personal data of pretty much all of the residents of a single nation in one fell swoop...

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The gorgeous Apple Studio display is on sale today for a price weve never seen before...

no imageFrance denies the existence of a crisis with Morocco and says partnership is "exceptional"
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France denied yesterday the existence of a crisis with Morocco stressing that the partnership between the two countries is 34exceptional34 The remark came in response to criticism by Moroccan MPs and an intense antiParis media campaign conducted by Moroccan media 34On the contrary we have an exceptional partnership and we intend to develop it34 French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman...

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Zeinab Ltaif a mother of six children was actively participating in protests against Sweden39s social services before she fled the country with her childrenOne year on the family which has stayed in four countries since is still looking for a place to call home Anadolu News Agency reports Speaking to Anadolu Ltaif said she had always been witnessing families being torn apart with no l...

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A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket thundered to space on Thursday morning carrying a payload heavier than its ever carried before...

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America8217s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel took to social media this week to share a gift he received from Clorox The company sent him a personalized container of disinfecting wipes Mandel has been open about his experience with obsessivecompulsive disorder and germaphobia Howie Mandel Receives Personalized Clorox Wipes Mandel posted clips on TikTok and Instagram showing off a caniste...

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Of all of the couples in the aftermath of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Season 7 Jovi and Yara are doing pretty well They do have disagreements The final installment of the Tell All even showed them arguing But they also love each other and can if they choose resolve their differences Critics 8212 mostly the noted misogynist Big Ed Brown 8212 have accused Yara of being a g...

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