Verstappen Dominasi Sesi Latihan Bebas GP British

Verstappen dominasi sesi latihan bebas GP British

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SILVERSTONE United Kingdom Pemandu Formula Red Bull Max Verstappen mengenepikan cabaran pendahulu kejuaraan Lewis Hamilton untuk berada di depan pada sesi latihan bebas Grand Prix GP British di sini sebentar tadiBeliau merakamkan pusingan terbaik dengan catatan masa 1 minit 27422 saat s untuk menewaskan Hamilton yang mewakili Mercedes dengan kelebihan 0474s dalam saingan Formula Satu F1 ituBermula dalam keadaan cuaca panas saingan keempat musim ini yang tertangguh garagara pandemik COVID19 pemandu Racing Point Lance Stroll mendud >>READ MORE | Organic and Viral Social Traffic Hub

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Officials are telling locals Dont feed the fatberg...

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The ordeal of a Britishborn aid worker in Syria who was taken by members of a Sunni Islamist militant group in rebelheld Idlib took another twist on Tuesday when he confronted the man who he says had interrogated and tortured him in prison During the dramatic encounter in a courtroom Tauqir Sharif from Walthamstow in East London was rearrested and his British wife Racquell HaydenBest had a gu...

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Wookey Caves resort director Daniel Medley suggested removing till death do us part from the vows...

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British Prime Minister Theresa May who will soon depart her post denounced President Donald Trumps comments regarding four congresswomen MondayTrumps assertion that the freshman members of Congress should go home to their countries of heritage was completely unacceptable May said through her spokesperson the BBC reportedTrump was heavily criticized for his tweets on Sunday in which he...

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British Prime Minister Theresa May abruptly postponed a parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal on Monday throwing Britains plan to leave the European Union into chaos after admitting that she faced a rout Mays move on the eve of the scheduled parliamentary vote opens up an array of possible outcomes ranging from a disorderly Brexit without a deal a lastminute deal clinched just weeks before B...

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Several of the 13 contenders to replace outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May were in attendance at Monday nights state dinner at Buckingham Palace and seem interested in the support of President Donald Trump and forging a good relationship with the United States Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy told Newsmax TV on TuesdayUsually you have two or three major contenders here in Britain ...

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The Royal Mail of Britain came under fire for planning to release a stamp marking the 75th anniversary of DDay by using an image of US forces landing in Asia about 8500 miles from Normandy BeachCaptioned Allied soldiers and medics wade ashore the stamp was meant to depict the Normandy landings on June 6 1944 in France but was actually taken in Indonesia on May 17 1944 The New York ...

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