[VIDEO] Tak Sangka, Aliff Aziz Dedah Terima Sesuatu Mengeejutkan Drpd Bella Astillah Sebelum Dihukvm Penj4ra

[VIDEO] Tak Sangka, Aliff Aziz Dedah Terima Sesuatu Mengeejutkan Drpd Bella Astillah Sebelum Dihukvm Penj4ra

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 | By edisiviral | 5 Hits

Sebelum ini pelakon Singapura iaitu Aliff Aziz dihadapkan ke mahkamah dan mengakui bersalah bagi tuduhan mencvri dan berkelakuan tidak seonoh di tempat awam Terbaru menerusi laporan Harian Metro pelakon itu telah dijatuhkan hukvman penj4ra dua min >>READ MORE

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The Pocketbook Touch Lux 5 is available now for 129 and many people are wondering what this device brings to the table Good eReader will be conducting an extensive review of this device next week but for now there is a new promotional video that gives an outline of the key features The Pocketbook Touch Lux 5 has a 6 inch E INK Carta HD capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 102...

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Facebook took down a video in which Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan compared Jewish people to termitesOne day after Farrakhan also posted the clip to his Twitter account Facebook announced its decision to remove it from its platformThe video was taken down because it violates our hate speech policies a representative from Facebook told TheWrapFarrakhan said in the video So when t...

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It looks like a balloon one kid says Is there stuff inside of it...

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A Black man who had run naked through the streets in Rochester NY died of asphyxiation after a group of police officers put a hood over his head then pressed his face into the pavement for two minutes...

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Everything really is bigger in Texas...

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Were living in unprecedented economic times in which even people who have already established successful careers are forever in search of lucrative sidehustles And it seems this urge to diversify extends to celebrities as well Bella Thorne is the latest wellknown star to branch out in unexpected ways and were guessing most of her 235 million Instagram followers will be quite ent...

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The head of Chicagos civilian agency that probes police misconduct pushes back against IG report some video in police useofforce cases was not releasesd within a required 60day period...

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Amazon disclosed on Friday that it spent 17 billion on video and music content in the first quarter providing a new number that investors have previously been forced to predict reports CNBCInvestments in video and music which are included in Amazons Prime membership program increased 13 from 15 billion a year earlier Amazon said in its quarterly financial filing That translates to rou...

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Two recent viral videos including one where a woman wrongfully accused a 9yearold black boy of sexually assaulting her at a deli have become the latest focus of outrage of alleged racism and highlight a trend of white people being held accountable for their actions after recordings show the black person has done nothing wrong reports NBC NewsThe first incident happened last Wednesday at a Ne...

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Facebook is pursuing rights to music videos from major record labels programming that could boost interest in its Watch video service according to people familiar with the matterBloomberg reports the company is in the midst of negotiating new licensing deals with the three largest music companies Universal Music Group Sony Music and Warner Music Group and has asked for music video rights sa...

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