Whether Paid For Or Free, Normalisation Is Treachery

Whether paid for or free, normalisation is treachery

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 | By middleeastmonitor | 6 Hits

What provokes me most of all at the moment is for anyone to respond to the treachery of the UAE and Bahrain and their normalisation of relations with Israel by denying that it is treachery on the basis of the benefit expected as a result If the treachery is committed in exchange for specific political or financial gain so the theory goes then it is acceptable but if the gain is insufficient then the treachery is condemned To paraphrase a wellknown English proverb there is no such thing as a free normalisation nor indeed paid for normal >>READ MORE

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Thousands of Yemenis demonstrated yesterday to reject the monopoly of popular representation in the southern governorates in the UAEbacked Transitional Council expressing their condemnation of all measures of normalisation with Israel This came during a demonstration organised by the Southern National Coalition formed in the governorates of southern Yemen a progovernment and antitransitiona...

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One year ago Ipredicted in this columnthat a Saudi embassy to Israel in Jerusalem was coming soon Withlast weeks news aboutthe United Arab Emirates it looks as if we are moving closer towards such a tragic eventuality US President Donald Trump formally announced that the UAE and Israel had signed a deal which committed both to establishing formal diplomatic relations According to the stat...

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Actor Jussie Smollett is suspected of having made up the entire story about being attacked by two men who yelled this is MAGA country according to multiple reportsABC Chicago reported that Chicago police are now investigating whether Smollett lied about the attack and whether he had help from two peopleSources told the news station that police picked up two persons of interest at OHare Int...

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After the UAE officially announced normalising relations with Israel and entering into a new phase of bilateral relations and in light of regional developments over the past decade we can clearly envision the new reality of the Middle East in general and the Gulf region in particular Those observing Iranian politics knowthe extent of the deeprooted hostility in the Iranian government for Isra...

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Oman welcomes Bahrain8217s decision to normalise relations with Israel and hopes it will contribute to IsraeliPalestinian peace Oman state media said on SundayReutersreported Bahrain on Friday became the second Gulf country to normalise ties with Israel after the United Arab Emirates said they would do so a month ago moves forged partly through shared fears of Iran 8220Oman hopes thi...

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Gulf normalisation with Israel is picking up pace due to the tremendous electoral pressure imposed by US President Donald Trump on the states which are existentially linked to America for their security Another common denominator that unites all of the normalisers is their participation in a military coalition fighting in Yemen that still claims to be there in order to protect the legitimate gove...

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Official statements from Israel and the United Arab Emirates regarding their agreement to normalise relations are intended to make the deal acceptable in terms of its objectives who benefits from it and the strategic implications for the Palestinian issue and the region Security is obviously pushed as the most important of these objectives even though one of the signatories to the deal is an ...

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Rep Elijah Cummings DMd said Thursday he is still trying to determine if Michael Cohen lied to Congress again last week an act for which the chairman of the House Oversight Committee vowed to nail Cohen to the cross if it happenedSpeaking with CNN on Capitol Hill Cummings whose panel hosted Cohen for more than six hoursnbspFeb 27 indicated he needs to ascertain if Cohen lied whe...

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There has been a breach in the Arab Front in favour of Israel against Palestine The United Arab Emirates UAE has caused a wide rift in the Gulf for the benefit of Israel through signing the socalled Peace Treaty between two parties that are not even at war They used specific details in the title of the treaty calling it peace in exchange for peace and peace in exchange for economy thus ...

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